Top 10 Beer

Top 10 Beer in world

Alcohol is bad for health. Beer is a Drink that is people’s favorite drink. Beer is not Allow Everywhere in this World. Europe or foreign some countries have permission for Beer there is also for some reason like weather demand is a fact. For Enjoy Beer drinking is best but unlimited drinking is a bad habit or it’s bad for health. So drink Beer but as limit how quantity you can take? The popular or top Beer’s are – Corona, Coors Light, Heineken, Snow, Bud Light, Budweiser, Tsingtao, Skol, Harbin, and Yanjing Beer, etc.

Corona Beer – Corona is a popular Beer in the World. Corona Beer is establishing in 1998. Corona is a Mexican Beer. Everywhere This Beer is famous or demand able Beer. Corona Beer is a Commercial product. Lots of people’s rating wise its popular Beer. Corona Beers Alcoholic Range is 4.6%. Corona Beer is a Belgium company’s product it’s produced in Mexico. Corona Beer Served on Glass Bottle.

Coors Light Beer – Coors Light Beer has a name in the top listed of Beers. It’s for student’s beer. Coors Light is not so hard to type drink it’s totally Normal-type beer. Coors Light can drink everybody limited age-restricted. Coors light beer served by Ken or Glass Bottle Coors light is a Non-Alcoholic Beer and another Coors light has a 4.2% alcoholic Beer. But the fact is Coors Light is not popular but it’s continuing in the market. Totally Coors Light is a low-alcoholic quality Beer.

Snow Beer – Snow is a United Kingdom’s production Beer it’s established in 1934. United Kingdom People or other countries People Also like Snow Beer cause it’s different taste than other Beer. Snow Beer name wises its demand high time is when Uk Snowfall time. It’s a larger quantity of Beer. Most British People like to drink Alcoholic Beer. Snow Beer serves both types like Ken and Glass. Snow Beer is a 4% alcoholic Beer.

Bud Light Beer – Bud Light is United States of American Beer, so obviously it’s a strong and demandable Beer. World wide it has large demand. Statistics wise Bud Light Beer is very popular in Australia. Australian people like Bud Light Beer hardly. Australia export Bud light Beer from the United States. Bud Light Beer is a hard alcoholic Beer it has 5% Alcohol in it.

Heineken Beer – Heineken is the most popular Beer worldwide. It has a great demand in the market. Heineken Beer is 5% alcoholic Beer. Heineken is a Netherlands Product, this Beer established in 1873. Heineken serves in a green color Glass bottle or packing by Ken also. It’s not making crazy people after drink just people feel smooth feelings.

Budweiser Beer – Budweiser was a top favorite beer in the United States. Still, Budweiser is a popular Beer in the USA. Budweiser Beer has a 5% volume of Alcohol. Budweiser Beer has both types of Beer Alcoholic & Non – Alcoholic Beer. In India also like Budweiser Beer huge percent People. Drinking too much alcohol is bad for health but quantity-wise drink Beer is fine for Life. Budweiser Beer Established in 1876, long time Budweiser Beer established well position at present from the beginning.
Tsingtao Beer – Tsingtao Beer is a tasty Beer in the world and its flavor is sweet. High Multi – Flavor is the main Attraction of Tsingtao Beer. European people like Tsingtao Beer very much they export much quantity and ranking wise European people like Tsingtao Beer. Originally Tsingtao Beer is a nice flavor Beer. The popularity of Tsingtao Beer is well known. Tsingtao Beer Establish 1903 in China.

Skol Beer – Skol Beer is a South African Beer establishes in 1958. Skol Beer has different percent Alcohol like one is 2.8% to 5%. Tsingtao Beer is a tasty beer that’s why it’s famous in the world market.

Harbin Beer – Harbin Beer is a Chinese beverage product. Harbin Beer is produced in Harbin, China. Harbin Beer is an old Beer, It established in 1900 in Harbin. Harbin Beer packaging has two systems and they are 1. Ken 2. Glass Bottle. Alcohol is bad for humans physically. So Beer drinking should be limited. Harbin Beer is a popular brand, lots of people ranking by their first choice drink wise Harbin Beer is a famous Beer.

Yanjing Beer – Yanjing Beer is establishing in 1980 in China. This Beer Factory has good names. It’s a big factory and they have lots of staff or workers for production. Yanjing Beer is a popular Beer and demandable Beer in the Market. The top-selling one of the good ones is Yanjing Beer. Yanjing Beer is an Alcoholic Beer. It serves by Bottle and ken.

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