The salary for each movie is 20 lakh rupees, which is what Mim said

National Film Award-winning actress Biddya Sinha Mim. In 2007, he became a champion in the Lux-Channel I Superstar competition and started working in the media. In the beginning, he acted in the movie ‘Amar Hare Jal’ directed by Humayun Ahmed. There he got two stars like Zahid Hasan and Ferdous as heroes.


Later she became popular as a model in TV dramas and advertisements. The actress is busy with the current movie. The movie arena has come to a standstill due to the ongoing coronavirus. No shooting, no new movies. The hall is closed. In such a crisis, Mim has increased his salary. He will not work in any movie below 20 lakh. Such news has been heard for a few days now.


This beautiful actress has also been criticized for this news. However, Mim said the news was false. Mim said, “I have not talked to anyone about increasing or decreasing the salary. Recently, there was no talk with any manufacturer about remuneration. I don’t know why the rumor suddenly spread about my salary. But I understand that it has been done to criticize me, to humiliate me in front of everyone.


Please don’t listen to these false news. At this time in Corona, when everyone is spending their days worrying about movies, I don’t see any reason to increase the salary. Everyone wants to keep the wheel of cinema moving. ‘

Mim added, ‘The Corona situation is slowly getting everything normal now. There will be many negative effects on all industries in the world. It will also affect our industry. Everyone should try to spend that time. I have prepared myself from home for a long time to work. I will start working on the movies I have soon. There is talk of a few new jobs. If everything goes well, I will take to the field with them. ‘

Meanwhile, Vidya Sino Mim has been seen in a web film with singer and actor Tahsan Khan recently. The film titled ‘Sudden Marriage’ has been highly acclaimed.

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