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Prabhu deva's award
Prabhu Deva got’s award

Prabhu deva is a super star of dance in india. He is a great dancer of bollywood film industries .Prabhu deva also a Producer, Film actor and success Choreographer of dance. He started his journey actively from 1988 to still now. Prabhu deva get’s padma shri Awards.

Prabhu deva got padma shri Award
Award of Prabhu deva

Prabhu Deva’s Family

Prabhu Deva's Family
Family of Prabhu Deva

Prabhu deva is a son of Mugur sundar (south Indian choreographer). He is prabhu deva’s teacher. For his father he is inspired on dance and by his best performs he is today super star. Prabhu deva borned 1973 April 3rd, so now he is 46 years old. Prabhu deva marriage life started from 1995 to 2011 and he has 3 child. Prabhu deva Born in Karnataka, mysore in India.

Prabhu deva dance with his father
Prabhu dance with Mugur sundar

Prabhu Deva’s Social media Info

Prabhu Deva’s profession

Prabhu deva trained Salman
Prabhu deva dancing with Salman Khan

Indian film industries very high class choreography project leading prabhu deva is one of the best. He directed movies and he has some success project in Bollywood like_ wanted, rowdy rathore, Abcd etc. He is a great actor in Indian movies. Almost all of the dance star in india every one must face Prabhu deva, after then they build there platform in industries. Prabhu deva direct’s movie’s, choreography and acting also.

Prabhu deva's profession
Prabhu deva is a great artist

As personally Prabhu deva is a shy kind of human,he can speak English, tamil and hindi also. Prabhu deva is very friendly with his friend’s, in social media caught some enjoyable moment’s of  prabhu deva’s and his friend’s, how he face the time.

Prabhu deva's Birthday celebration
Prabhu”s birthday celebration on set


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