Maria Nooni’s Viral TikTok Video

Sheikh Saadi is a well-known musician on Facebook and YouTube. Not other people’s songs, he has always been creating songs in his own words and tunes and publishing them on various video sharing sites.


This time the young man made his debut officially under the banner of CMV. Sheikh Saadi’s song-video ‘Lalna’ was released on the company’s YouTube channel on November 15 at 3 pm.

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As usual, Saadi himself has given the words, melody and voice of the song. Shahriar Rafat composes the song. An expensive music video has been created. Sheikh Saadi himself has become a model in the construction of beach razor.


Maria Noni is also in the form of ‘Lalna’. Regarding the official journey in the music hall, Sheikh Saadi said, “It is a great privilege that an organization like CMV has thought of me in this way.”


I didn’t expect my music video to be made and released on such a leading platform so fast. I want to do something good with the prayers and love of everyone. I hope everyone will be fascinated by watching the music video.


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