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In the United States, 2600 deaths in Corona

Corona virus epidemic kills more than 2,000 in the United States on Wednesday. This is a new record in the country in the last 24 hours and the number of deaths in one day is much higher than in any other country. Johns Hopkins University reported this. News from AFP.

Corona Affect

According to figures released by Johns Hopkins University at 3:30 pm Eastern Time (Greenwich Standard Thursday), the United States lost 2,900 lives in the Corona virus in the past 24 hours. With this, the death toll from the Covid-1 virus increased to 25,220 in the country. This number is much higher than any other country.

Corona in usa
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The record number of deaths has been revealed after President Donald Trump made such a statement earlier in the evening: ‘We are out of the throes of a new attack on the corona virus‘. He will announce the first round of plans Thursday to lift the Corona virus lock down.

Corona virus in USA
Covid-1 in United states

Johns Hopkins reports that the number of corona virus cases in the United States has risen to a total of 6,36,350.

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