In the new TikTok video, the emerging model Riddo Rangan is discussed again

The heart of model and singer Rodela Rangan, who is currently in the midst of a wide-ranging discussion by making a ticket video. A few days ago, I wrote my name again in the movie. But now he’s more of a tick.

Regularly taking to Instagram and being a brother. Don’t listen to what anyone has to say about this. He walks like his own. He has recently released some videos. That’s basically T-Cut.

Hridya was the subject of much discussion while studying in the ninth grade. That’s when an offensive video was released in the name of the heart. There are so many types it’s hard to say. Although no evidence of the video has been found.

Then, when I was in 10th grade, I became a model. Hriday is taking the SSC exam this year. It is learned that the examination has also been good. All is well. But for the time being, I am spending time at home because of Karona Bhai Ras.

Incidentally, in 2007, at the age of five, he started his heartfelt journey in the world of singing by participating in the Channel I Xu De Gaan Raj competition. At that time, he won the hearts of everyone with his songs. Music is still his hobby.

In addition, Hridaya also acted in a small role in a film called ‘Meghak Nya’ when she was young. Although he was not known at the time.

Now that he’s all over the place, he’s got a video of the ticket, and he’s got an acquaintance with the young man, so this is the second time.


Click here to watch the video

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