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Corona virus is a dangerous threat for whole world

What is Corona Virus? From Where its Started? How to Prevent Corona virus? Anticipation for Corona virus, Why Corona virus Called China virus?

Corona virus


image of corona virus
Corona Virus Symbol photo’s

Corona virus from where and what? The virus, which spreads an epidemic in China since 2001 (is called Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which killed 3 people and infected the world, infected the world. It was also a type of corona virus.

How effective it is?


Corona is a effective Virus
How effective corona virus

In the second week of February this year, the World Health Organization officially named the disease Covid-1, a short form of ‘corona virus disease-20′.

It’s started from which animal? How danger is a corona virus? How is the syndrome of corona virus? Apart from Respiratory syndrome, fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the main problems of the syndrome.
The explosion of corona virus has mentioned many of the SARS viruses that led to the deaths of six people, principally in many Asian countries, at the origin of the 20th. Generative digest analysis of the new virus has shown that it is very similar to the serious virus.

China virus


Corona is a China Virus
At first Corona virus name was China Virus

“When we see a new corona virus, we want to grasp how grave its symptoms are. The virus is a lot like the flu but not as harmful as the SARS virus,” said Professor Mark Wool house of the University of Edinburgh. Corona virus is a contagious virus, this virus first time in the world of 2020. The new disease was initially called by various names, such as: “China virus”, “corona virus”, “20nacv”, “new virus”, “mystery virus”.

The virus – which was previously unknown to scientists.


which was previously unknown to scientists says for Corona virus
which was previously unknown to scientists says for Corona virus

The virus – which was earlier hidden to experts – has caused serious lung disease in many people in China and has already spread to hundreds of countries around the world. Another name for the virus is 25 – NCOV or Novel corona virus. It is a type of corona virus. There are many different types of corona virus, but only six can be infected in humans. But due to the new type of virus, the number will be seven from now. The virus has infected more than 3,000 people and killed 4,000 people in China since its inception.

Out of these, the number of people infected outside China is 12 thousand 5 hundred and 26 people have died. Corona viruses are now the most involved in South Korea outside of China. The World Health Organization is also committing to Japan, Italy, and Iran as Corona hotspots.

Corona virus in Bangladesh


Corona virus in Bangladesh
Corona virus in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is now seen as a high-risk land for corona infection. Once the virus is infected in Bangladesh, it can grow nationally, which is why everyone is encouraged to be aware. Moreover, if it is not urgent at this time, it is fitting not to travel overseas and Bangladeshis working abroad.

Anticipation of Corona virus


Anticipation of Corona virus
Anticipation of Corona virus

As anticipation, the inferior people are also advised not to scream and scream. Meanwhile, many countries in the developed world have failed to prevent corona virus germs despite all attempts.To prevent the virus from spreading the virus, the common people are being urged to follow the advice of Dhaka, repeatedly washing their hands with soap and coughing.

When Bangladesh is spoiled by the virus, or it is scattered, it is speculated that many are serving. Orin jay said there were so many people dying all over the world because of Corona. And if we can anticipate this deadly virus right now, it will be an element of pride for us. They have previously been prepared to quarantine the SARS cod-two virus.

The High Court also wants to know how Corona is working to detect and prevent the virus. Due to such doubts and world conditions, naturally, Corona has raised panic and anxiety among the common people of Bangladesh. The ICR reports that since January 27, Bangladesh has brought more than four and a half million people under screening so far.

Based on these data, Mirzadi Sabrina Flora, director of the IEDCRB, said no one was identified as corona virus in Bangladesh until Thursday (March 7th).He added that it is not possible to detect Corona or Covid-1 virus without the signs and symptoms of the virus in the human body.

World Scared about Corona virus


World Scared about Corona virus
Corona is a danger threat for world

.”From February 8th, we have been screening all ports – and ports, seaports and all airports and all vehicles that are coming from outside our country. So far, we have screened more than four and a half million passengers.”It’s just the beginning,” said Michael Stenholm, a marking infectious disease specialist. Considering the number of aches, pains, misery, infections, and death, it is only the beginning. This situation will continue in the months ahead. And people will continue to be affected. Corona virus can be 3 to 5 times more deadly than the most severe seasonal flu. The government of different countries of the world is giving the protection of the corona virus to protect against corona virus. The use of masks and gloves to protect against the Corona virus is ‘stupid’.
The death toll from the Corona virus is increasing day by day. So far, the virus has died of 9, 25 people. One and a half million people have been infected with the virus in different countries. Apart from this, 4 thousand 5 people have returned home after treatment. Already, three patients suffering from corona virus in Bangladesh are selected.

Corona virus in India


According to a report by Indian media, G-News said that schools, colleges have been closed in multiple states of India. Traveling to swimming pools, cinema halls, and shopping malls has also been banned. Twenty-two students trapped in Italy have returned to India from Milan.
India has also banned all tourist visas for a month. The caution has also been increased in Indian Railways. Indian Railways has stopped giving blankets, sheets to passengers on different routes. Coronation prevalence is highest in Kerala and Maharashtra. Meanwhile, reports of robots being dropped in the state of Kerala have been reported. Twenty-seven people have reverted to India from Iran. Due to the coronation, four check posts have been closed in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar. India day by day increase corona affected people. Spain one day died corona affected 155 people.

World wide corona virus attacked


world on threat of Corona
World wide corona virus attacked

United Kingdom queen recently lives in Windsor Castle and it’s located about 25 miles from Buckingham. The people there are very few in number. Modernize about Corona virus for the world – infection has spread in more than one hundred countries of the world. About one million people have been affected. More than 5,000 people died.

Saudi Arabia affected by Corona virus


Saudi Arabia affected corona virus
Saudi Arab take step for prevent of Corona virus

News from Saudi Arabia for protected people and they shut down all international flights today to prevent Corona Saudi International reports that all international flights will be closed from 9 am to 6 pm local time. Saudi authorities have ordered the closure of all shopping malls, business centers, businesses, garages, auctions, saloons, parlors, parks, sea beaches and entertainment centers. Any open or closed place under the ban shall be collected and banned and it’s declared from Saudi Justice Ministry, However, the supermarket and pharmacy will always be open 24 hours for the sale of essential commodities. The number of corona patients extended to six. The Tabligh conference was kept at a mosque near Kuala Lumpur, the capital, from February 26 to March 3. Forward with the inhabitants of several nations, about 5 thousand Malaysians co-operated.

Corona virus in Italy


how to affect Corona virus in Italy

Italy several influenced by the virus is Lombardi a. In Italy in-between 24 hours death 368 people. In the Lombardi a area’s 252 people die in one day. There are chances to increase the number of death people. In Italy only for Corona virus issue died 1809. Sunday In the last 24 hours, 4 people have been infected with coronas and 3 have died. If anybody breaks red zone rolls they have punishment in Italy. So far 20 people have died of corona virus in China. A virus has been found in 5 other countries around the world. This virus causes death, much like the Cirrus virus. The virus causes pneumonia, and then does not respond to antibiotic treatment.

Rolando’s action for corona virus


Rolando's action for corona virus
Rolando’s action for corona virus

Rolando orders all his hotels to be hospitalized, free service is published: 2:39 pm, March 3, 2021, to protect the people of our country from corona virus infection.

Ways to prevent corona virus


Ways to prevent corona virus
Ways to prevent corona virus

• Use a mask when exiting.
• Quickly wash dirty clothes worn outside.
• Wash your hands with soap-water for at least 20 seconds from outside.
• Wash your hands thoroughly before eating or cooking anything.
• Keep hands as far as possible from eye, nose and mouth contact.
• Cold coughs, do not go near the person suffering from a fever.
• Stay away from sick animals.
• Avoid places like farms, cow houses or markets.

• Wash hands thoroughly after touching an animal.
• Be wary of malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes, steroid drugs or those with low immune levels.
• If the symptoms of the disease seem to be more than the common cold, the doctor needs refuge.
• Drink fruit juice and adequate water.
• Cook eggs or meat well while cooking.
• Dry clothes, towels, sheets etc. at high temperatures and sunlight.
• People at risk should avoid public transportation as much as possible.

Canadian PM declared about Corona virus


Canadian PM declared about Corona virus

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said his government will not allow Canadians to fall into the financial crisis because of the ongoing Ovid-I (Corona virus) outbreak. No need to worry about your own health, family health, job, home rent. All the government will see.

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