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Commando 3 – It is not right to overdo religion

commando 3 – Vidyut Jammwal(hero) is a main part of the film commando 3, and the other actor’s are Adah Sharma,Angira Dhar,Gulshan Devaiah. Commando 3 direct’s Aditya Datt, story wroted Darius Yarmil, Sandeep Kurup is editing & Vipul Amrutlal Shah. is prduce the movie.

Commando 3 released 2019-11-29 in india. The Story of the film is related with religion Vengeance. Villen is born in other religion and some how he will change his religion, he got muslim. His character played or mades like God-fearing person, for his god he is ready to do any kind of “Zihad”(legal fight for religion).

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he has a family,he tried to make them also like him,but total fact can’t give him the chance to make his family as like him. For complete his mission or target he left his country and went to Uk. He control india from uk and he get a huge support from a God-fear’s team,by their help he tring to do ahead.

But the indian police take another mission to vanish him or change him for that the made or got a Commando. Gives him all info and tell him the destination of villen.someday’s later Commando started to Uk where is the destination of villen.


He went there and get some indian people overthere and start his mission. The villen’s wife and his boy don’t like be as like him(villen),they get help by Commando. There was another villen in commando’s team also.


So some day’s later when commando understand all about the fact or proper info the one day he caught villen and by commando’s talent of arrested villen’s info india get safe from large attack. summary of the film is that what explained.

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