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Already Salman Khan started to paying 25 thousands people

Corona virus

Corona virus is huge effective virus, it make’s big issue’s in world population’s natural life. For that all professional person can’t do their work but they are good, but point some middle class person who lives on his daily income with his family please think about that buddies, because they can’t say or ask you about the problem.

Effect in Hollywood

As like the Corona virus effect goes to indian film industries also. For present situation some one is helping them, and that Man is one and only Salman Khan. he is the superstar who is always think about people.He has charity fund and some other social work as a part of Salman Khan thinking level.

Salman Khan help

In present time whole world insecure, for that reason Hollywood industries day labor stuff’s are facing problem of their situation. This time Salman Khan Takes step for them, count wise 25 thousands people and good news is almost 19 thousand people already get their money from Salman Khan is in their Bank account.

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